Sunset Very Strong Rum

Sunset Very Strong Rum is an overproof white rum with a robust, youthful spirit. Strong rum has been deeply entrenched in the Vincentian culture for many decades. It is also used in various ways - as a straight drink for those who have the staying power; or chased with water, or a variety of local fruit drinks such as coconut water, sorrell, mauby and many other island cocktail recipes; that are enjoyed by the locals and tourists who visit this unspoiled gem of the Caribbean.

This rum is also used a marinade for meats and certain sea foods that are indigenous to St. Vincent and the Grenadines that are considered delicacies.

More importantly, strong rum is one of the vital ingredients used in making the island's prized cake known as "Black Cake" which is sought after by Vincentians for memorable occasions such as during the Christmas Holidays, and for weddings and anniveraries.

Sunset very strong rum is 84.5% alc/vol.
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